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  • Best of functional products, to advise visitors
  • High speed, which competitors lack. 100% stability
  • Completely free, no hidden fees. See for yourself.

A straight line to your site

Advise your clients directly from your website with an intuitive interface. In one click your visitor will be able to clarify your interesting information.

From visitors into buyers

Using our service you will immediately feel the increase in sales. Bhelp shows growth of more than 30% conversion of visitors into buyers. Install our service right now.

Installation on site in 1 minute

Installation service to the site is very simple and straightforward. Three steps to use: registration, configuration, installation code. Easy installation of the meter.

Full control of employees

Three parameters that give a complete picture of the quality of work of employees: time response to a request from the site, the waiting time of consultation, the quality of correspondence.


Bhelp - free online consultant for any site: simple, clear and beautiful. Counseling service users - a must for any website. Now, more and more companies realize this and set Bhelp on their sites. Using the service, you decide three main objectives - simplify contact with the customer, have complete control over your employees and get accurate statistics about your potential customers.Offline business advice to clients is the most effective method of active sales, with the Bhelp service you can use it on your site in 5 minutes.


Our service has a beautiful, comfortable, easily configurable design that effectively maximizes how it will look on your site.


We work with the latest generation of servers, which are regularly updated. This ensures an absolutely excellent job.


Full, detailed information about site visitors. Who, where, how, where, why, Control of your employees.

Advise your clients from any device, anywhere in the world.

Improvements that you will see:


Number of new customers +15%

Customer loyalty after consulting 70%

Increased sales +25%

Accurate visitor statistics

You know how many people visit your site? And how many want to get advice? Now both of these matrices combined into Bhelp! You will see not only numbers, but also reports on potential Advice.

Visitor sources

Rate the main directions of advertising your website. Where buyers come and consult, and where your budget is ineffective.

Regional visitors

You can only advise user priority of the regions interesting to you. Why waste time on a non-target audience?

Searching phrases

At each consultation, we write detailed information about the user, including the fact that he was introduced in the search engine.

In step with the times!

Bhelp - innovative service consultation. Simple, convenient and the fastest.

At the beginning of a dialogue a lead robot that can give about 40 seconds for the reaction consultant to join in the conversation. This feature gives visitors instant rapport and gathers data on the user. Your advisors are ready to talk.

Tactful invitation to dialogue of visitor will help shy visitors or those who do not know about the possibility of online counseling to start a conversation with your advisors. This module provides a very high conversion to buyers.

Feedback within hours of contact will help you gather your users and send all questions to the office of a consultant for a rapid response. No consultation passes you by. Information about unavailability

Register in 20 seconds

Easy registration takes the least time. Take 20 seconds to register to begin using our efficient service.

Clear setting

After registration, all the settings are already completed and the service is ready to use. To change the basic settings, you have to spend less than a minute and tune the service for yourself.

Quick installation on site

Copy the code in the personal account of our online consultant and set on site at any convenient place for you, as you set a counter or other button.

Immediate Counseling

After making some simple settings, you can already be consulted directly from your account without downloading any special software.

Installation in 1 minute

Continuous development has achieved stable operation of our service on absolutely any site.

We work with:



We created a service for your convenience and comfort. In any case, if you need to ask something - our consultants will come to your aid as well as help you with your clients. We are happy to use our own product to show that it is nearly perfect.



Visitors go to your site with different devices? Not a problem! You will be able to advise them just as well. Bhelp service support all mobile devices. Consultations will be comfortable and simple.

Great team

We're now watching the clock speed of the equipment and online consultant on your site.

Excellent compatibility

It does not matter what system is running on your site. Bhelp is compatible with any website up and running at 100% at all times.

We rush to the rescue

Bhelp is compatible with all sites, if you are having any problems - ask us. We are ready to advise you.

Convenient settings

You can make your design consultant unique and welcome change to any text.

Accurate statistics

Be sure that you are in control of your employees. All visitors and advice are united by clear statistics.

We are open to new things

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Contact us and we'll add in a short time the desired function.

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Bhelp company has more than ten years experience in IT services. Our work is the best online service for counseling. Great experience, a well-organized team - the foundation of stability and reliability. Cooperation with us is the success of your company.


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